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Qigong and Somatic Movement are the gentlest forms of exercise that have remarkable health benefits in cultivating energy, releasing anxiety, and in improving the quality of your sleep, cognitive function, immune system, circulation, and ultimately, your life or longevity. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health benefits of these practices.


Our classes have a focus on medical, therapeutic style Qigong and Somatic Movement for restoration and rejuvenation.

All Are Welcome: Our classes are open to individuals of all ages and abilities. Join us in this healing journey and experience the benefits!

Current Classes:

6 Healing Sounds and Meridian Stretches - 6-Class Series
Dates: December 6 to January 24 (no class on Dec. 27 or Jan. 3) - CANCELLED due to low registration

Restore, Balance, and Energize Your Body and Mind!

In our 6-class series, "6 Healing Sounds and Meridian Stretches," you'll delve into the world of sound, movement, and self-massage to deepen your connection to your body and enhance your overall wellbeing.

The 6 Healing Sounds is one of the most popular Qigong practices, a form practiced around the world. 

Organ health is at the core of our physiology and governs our bodies and psycho-emotional health on a deep level.

Get to know your organs, meridian pathways, and 5 element constellation to support energy flow, balance and to deepen your Qigong practice.

You'll be guided through sensory exercises, simple movements, breath and sound that lead you through the internal systems and elements of your own body.

The class includes simple ways to practice the 6 Healing Sounds in both sitting and standing positions, as well as walking meditations.

Why Choose This Series?

  • Holistic Restoration: Deepen your breath and restore with gentle movement meditations, Meridian stretches, and self-massage. Experience improved organ function, digestion, and vitality.
  • Nurturing the Nervous System: Learn to effectively balance your nervous system for enhanced stress management and mental clarity.
  • Professional and Friendly: Our practitioners are dedicated to your wellbeing, offering a welcoming and caring environment.

Join us in this healing and rejuvenating series and rediscover the balance, energy, and vitality that life has to offer.

** $25 per class or $125 for a 6-class pack (1 Free class!), until space runs out!**
Advance class registration is required.

Coming Soon:

Six-Class series starting in February/March, 2024!

Details coming soon...

** $25 per class or $125 for a 6-class pack (1 Free class!), until space runs out!**
Advance class registration is required.

Terms and Conditions:

The number of participants per class is limited and classes must meet a threshold of three (3) participants enrolled in order to run, so advanced class registration is required.

Promotional packages may be transferred or refunded up until 48 hrs prior to the first registered class in a series. No transfers or refunds may be processed for packages once the series has begun. All eligible refunds will be processed less a cancellation fee of $30.

Single class passes are transferrable up until 48 hrs prior to the registered class, but are always final sale and as such, are non-refundable.