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Qigong and Somatic Movement are the gentlest forms of exercise that have remarkable health benefits in cultivating energy, releasing anxiety, and in improving the quality of your sleep, cognitive function, immune system, circulation, and ultimately, your life or longevity. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health benefits of these practices.


Our classes have a focus on medical, therapeutic style Qigong and Somatic Movement for restoration and rejuvenation.

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Monthly Qigong & Somatic Movement Series - First Saturday of each month at 9:00am from March to August 2023 (6 Classes)

Somatic Movement and Qigong - Restore and Rejuvenate

Body and movement meditations that offer simple self-help tools to stay in-tune and deepen the connection to your body. Classes invite room for exploration and the joy to move, while releasing held tensions, and supporting energy-balance and inherent fluidity. Each Saturday will focus on a specific topic.

Topics of the Saturday Classes

MarchConstructive Rest - release held tension, rest and realign. A very effective self-help tool for anyone who wants a simple, practical way to release excess tension, quiet the mind, and deepen body awareness. 

April: Joints – Qigong for healthy joints. Keep your joints mobile by learning ways to hydrate and mobilize your joints with gentle movement and body meditation. 

May: Qigong for the heart and summer - & introduction to Crane Qigong. 

June: Soothing the Vagus Nerve - & harmonizing body and mind with sound and vibration. 

July: Eyes – release eye strain, and keep them fluid with Qigong

August: Micro-movements and flow states – regeneration for the spine, core, and pelvis.

** $25 per class or $120 for all six, until space runs out!**

Crane Qigong - Weekly Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm from May 17 - June 21, 2023

Crane Qigong & other Qigong practices for the heart and preparing for the Summer season.

The crane is a symbol of meditative stillness and longevity. The crane forms in Qigong invite our spirits to feel light and lifted, while cultivating and drawing from deep roots in the ground. 

This simple Qigong practice feels light, relaxed, and excellent for the heart. It comprises six movement sequences that can be carried out as a set form.  They have a calming, nurturing and balancing effect with a slow and steady rhythm. This harmonizes and conditions the circulatory and respiratory systems while creating a moving meditation that helps to quiet the mind and steady the heart.

** $25 per class or $120 for all six, until space runs out!**

Terms and Conditions:

The number of participants per class is limited and classes must meet a threshold of three (3) participants enrolled in order to run, so advanced class registration is required.

Promotional packages may be transferred or refunded up until 48 hrs prior to the first registered class in a series. No transfers or refunds may be processed for packages once the series has begun. All eligible refunds will be processed less a cancellation fee of $30.

Single class passes are transferrable up until 48 hrs prior to the registered class, but are always final sale and as such, are non-refundable.