Women's Health

The biggest threats to women's health are often preventable. Oriental medicine has always addressed the special needs of women throughout their lives with many of our health issues responding extremely well to acupuncture treatments. Taking small steps to improve your wellness can make a significant difference.

Herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine are the ancient art of healing designed to stimulate our body's own healing processes. They can be used to prevent and treat many different problems, promote wellness, and re-invigorate ourselves. In combination with acupuncture they provide safe, natural and extremely effective therapeutic remedies for common women's health issues including menopause, osteoporosis, gynecological syndromes, prenatal care, depression, infertility, insomnia, thyroidism, weight control and pain management.

When shopping our apothecary, you may also arrange to speak to one of our clinicians at any time to determine the best treatment plan to assist you on your health journey.