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Balanced mental health is a complex and complicated equilibrium to achieve. Although current research surrounding low mood identifies inflammation, hormonal imbalances, social support and many other factors in its etiology, neurotransmitters within the brain cannot be overlooked. Serotonin, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), dopamine and other neurotransmitters all affect an individual’s mental state. As such, any nutrients that can support these brain chemicals have vast therapeutic potential.

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is the well-known precursor to serotonin, a key neurotransmitter involved in mental health, temperature regulation, pain sensation and circadian rhythm regulation through the production of melatonin. 5-HTP is best known for supporting healthy mood, yet its ability to upregulate serotonin may explain why numerous research trials have found that it can also improve sleep difficulties, binge eating, weight management, headaches and fibromyalgia. 5-HTP has long been a staple nutrient for many individuals with low mood.

GABA, on the other hand, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter often used to relax the mind in cases of stress and insomnia. Research has shown that GABA can positively impact cortisol levels and reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, making this amino acid particularly useful in those with difficulty initiating sleep because they cannot calm their racing mind.

Regardless of the targeted neurotransmitter, the body requires specific vitamins and minerals to synthesize and activate each neurotransmitter. For example, vitamin B-6, magnesium and zinc are all required as cofactors for the conversion of 5-HTP into serotonin, while vitamin B-6 and folate are needed for synthesis of dopamine. Understanding these physiological pathways may explain why these nutrients have demonstrated benefits for mood balance either as stand alone agents or in combinations with pharmaceutical medications. Both magnesium and zinc supplementation have been demonstrated to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor and block NMDA receptors in the brain, augment SSRI therapy and, ultimately, improve subjective markers of mood. Various combinations of
folate, vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-6 have all demonstrated improved mental health outcomes over long-term supplementation.

Mood-Matrix offers a therapeutic and well-balanced blend of targeted amino acids, B-vitamins and minerals in order to support healthy mood balance. Each B-vitamin is provided in its biologically active coenzyme form, while magnesium and zinc are delivered in their highly bioavailable glycinate chelate forms for optimal stability and absorption. In addition to these nutrients, Mood-Matrix strategically includes a standardized extract of saffron to assist in mood support.

Saffron, officially known as crocus sativus, is a traditional spice that isnow known to have multiple health applications. Its ability to block NMDA receptors and protect the nervous system likely explain why saffron has multiple human clinical trials to demonstrate its effectiveness for promoting healthy mood, even when compared to traditional selective-serotonin uptake inhibitor (SSRI) therapy, and also for supporting cognitive function. Saffron has also traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. Modern research has confirmed that it can effectively improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction and overall sexual function, while also improving sperm parameters.

All in all, Mood-Matrix was formulated to optimally support healthy mood, cognition and neurotransmitter levels in the brain. In essence, Mood-Matrix is a targeted multivitamin-multimineral for the nervous system. Each bottle contains 90 vegetarian capsules.

Ingredient Amount
L-5-HTP (seed, Griffonia simplicifolia) 100mg
GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) 33.3mg
Saffron (stigmas, Crocus sativus L., Iridaceae) 5:1 10mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 25mg
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 33.3mcg
Folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) 100mcg
Magnesium (Albion™ di-magnesium malate, TRAACS™ magnesium bis-glycinate chelate)* 25mg
Zinc (TRAACS™ zinc bis-glycinate chelate)* 8mg
*Mineral chelates supplied by Albion Laboratories, Inc. AlbionTM, DimaCalTM, TRAACSTM and Albion Gold Medallion design are trademarks of Albion Laboratories,Inc. U.S Patents 6,706,904 7,838,042.  

Unit of Measure above: 
Each capsule contains

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Glycine, brown rice flour, citric acid, silica, vegetable-grade magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, maltodextrin. Capsule: hypromellose

Directions: Adults - Take 1 capsule, 3 times per day with food, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Indications: Helps to promote healthy mood balance and temporarily promote relaxation. Can help to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and helps in energy metabolism and tissue formation.

Duration of Use: For use beyond 1 year, consult a healthcare professional. For migraine prophylaxis, use for at least 2 - 3 weeks to see beneficial effects. For mood balance, use for at least 1 week to see beneficial effects. For relief of symptoms of fibromyalgia, use for at least 2 - 3 weeks to see beneficial effects.

Known Adverse Reactions: Some people may experience diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Some people may experience drowsiness. Exercise caution if operating heavy machinery, driving a motor vehicle or involved in activities requiring mental alertness.

Warnings: Do not use if safety seal is broken. Consult a healthcare professional prior to use if you are taking carbidopa or drugs or supplements with serotonergic activity. These may include, but are not limited to, L-tryptophan, Sadenosylmethionine (SAMe), St. John’s wort, antidepressants, pain killers, over the counter cough and cold medication containing dextromethorphan, anti-nausea medication and anti-migraine medication. Consult a healthcare professional If you suffer from any psychological disorder or condition, such as frequent anxiety or depression, or if symptoms persist or worsen. Stop use and consult a healthcare professional if you show signs of weakness, oral ulcers, abdominal pain accompanied by severe muscle pain or if you experience skin changes. Avoid taking with alcohol or products that cause drowsiness

IMPORTANT: As required by Cyto-Matrix this product is only available for purchase by existing patients. Online orders will be verified prior to fulfillment. Herbal consultations may be scheduled by visiting our website.